Real Life Weddings! – Fun Wedding Themes for 2017

Real Life Weddings! – Fun Wedding Themes for 2017
12:27 pm July 20, 2017 Sophia Allison

Real Life Weddings - Fun Themes

We Love a Themed Wedding, it gives us the chance to get creative and make unusual bespoke centrepieces and décor perfect to fit your special theme.  Even though I love all the weddings we do as all are different and tailored to the couple, we do love a theme especially when it’s been picked around something the couple have in common or how they met for example. As you may have guessed  this blog is all  about the fun and amazing themed weddings we have recently done.

Because no great story started with someone eating a salad...

This has to be one of my favourite weddings not only was the couple lovely it revolved all around one of my favourite drinks GIN! I first met the lovely couple at Rossington Hall at a wedding fair, after their first consultation I was very excited to get creative with their theme! The most inspiring thing about the couple and the family was actually how creative they were, I was very excited to hear they had been collecting various Gin bottles to be incorporated in the centrepieces and also collecting corks to be used a place card holders! The father of the bride also was making a giant table plan made from Gin bottles which I must say was very impressive. We spent time going through all the small details to make this wedding as personal as possible, from the miniature Gin & Tonic Favours to the personal loved ones pictures perfectly placed with Gin bottles around the venue. The day of the wedding, everything went smoothly, relaxed and fun just like the couple! Here are a few snaps from the day… Jon & Hannah's Gin Themed Wedding - Loved Ones

These precious photos of love ones and the couple were used around the venue for friends and family to browse and reminisce.

To keep the kids (and adults) entertained we did an egg hunt around the beautiful grounds!                                                   

Easter Egg Hunt For the Kids!

Gin Themed Table Plan!


The amazing Gin themed table plan!


A great idea to keep your favours personal fun and part of the theme.

Wedding Favours - Miniature Alcohol - Gin


This centrepieces were made from gin bottles collected by the couple and decorated with beautiful flowers and tea lights to give it a beautiful elegant look.

Gin Bottle Centrepiece

The Finished Product!

Gin Themed Wedding Trend of 2017 - Rossington Hall

A shot of the venue at Rossington hall, Doncaster, don’t forgot about our LOVE letters peeking out in the background!

The Lovely Couple Celebrating- Gin Themed Wedding

This pictures not only sums up the couple but also the wedding to! A perfect end to a great day!

Love is the greatest adventure…

This next theme is also one which is very important to me… Travel! As you may know from reading the About Us section of the website I have been fortunate enough to work and see a lot of the world so travel is a great passion of mine. From the first day of over hearing this excited couple speaking to another one of our stylist at a wedding fair in Leeds I knew I had to part of this great day! I attended the consultations as I was over excited about the ideas I had around a travel themed wedding! After speaking to the couple they decided to have each table themed around a destination they had been to. As the centrepieces were all made bespoke I wanted to make each centrepieces as personal and authentic as possible, so I set off on my own adventure collecting vintage cameras and books from old charity shops! Included in the centrepiece were vintage postcards which I got the couple to write on, for something fun for the guests to look at whilst at dinner. We also had travel guides of all the different destinations so guests could learn about them too! Everything was detailed and tailored to fit the theme form the handmade mini suitcases used for decorations to the table names showing the distance from the venue to the location! We loved making this wedding so personal and bespoke, here are a few shots from the day!

Travel Themed DecorationTravel Themed Bespoke Decoration

Travel Themed Wedding - Woodlands HotelTravel Themed Wedding - Woodlands Hotel

Real Life Travel Themed Wedding at the Woodlands Hotel!

Bespoke Travel Themed Centrepiece

Our Bespoke Themed Travel Centrepiece With the real amount of miles to each Destination, We loved the detail put in to this piece!

Live Love Sparkle….

Sequins sparkle and ultimate glam was the aim of this wedding! From first meeting with this sweet couple they told me they love sparkle and glam, so that was my mission to create big statement pieces with the WOW factor! The venue its self was stunning, as I will show you all shortly, and also the wedding day turned out to be one of the hottest days this year (which was lucky as we can’t guarantee that with the great British weather) so overall it was a beautiful day! The couple chose one of my favourite pieces in our collection the Grand Crystal Candelabra which if you haven’t seen yet is breath taking. Also matching blush ruffle hoods for the chairs with a sparkle diamante broche to give it an extra touch of glam. There is no greater feeling than knowing people come into a room and are wowed by your work, thanks to this couple we got to create the wow factor! White Aisle Runner & Petals - Kings Croft Hotel

What a Beautiful Aisle with a Beautiful View at Kings Croft Hotel!

Top Table Arrangement Floating Candles

Our Glam Top Table with Floating Candles!

Grand Crystal Candelabra - Kings Croft HotelThe Finished Product - Glam Weddings

The Finished Room - Sparkle Glam Wedding at Kings Croft Hotel

Kings Croft Hotel - View from the Ceremony Kings Croft Hotel - Stunning View from the Ceremony

Congratulations to all the lovely couples we have worked with so far this year it’s been a pleasure!



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    A great day had by one and all. All the hard work made for a fantastic day

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