Trending Wedding Themes For 2017

Trending Wedding Themes For 2017
1:19 pm January 14, 2017 Sophia Allison

Top 5 Trending Wedding Themes For 2017

Happy 2017! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of my lovely Brides & Grooms out there, Congratulations to those newly engaged this Christmas! I couldn’t think of a better way to start 2017 than to discuss this year’s up and coming trends! So this month’s blog we will discuss the Top 5 Fabulous Wedding Theme Trends For 2017, to get you inspired!

1. Greenery

We saw it a lot in 2016 but this year it’s going to be big! Green is the new in colour, its fresh, clean crisp and very sophisticated. Whether you’re going for a rustic feel or shabby chic it’s perfect. As we discussed in our last blog, Top 5 Christmas Flowers I showed you all the great green foliage that can be used to make the perfect centrepiece. One of the statement Pieces which we know will only grow this year is the low and long piece! It can be used as a centrepiece running down the centre of the table with candles or vases to create a beautiful classic look which we all love! Wedding Fairs season starts again for us this Sunday and we have a few special green arrangements for 2017 to show you so keep your eyes peeled! Trending Wedding Themes For 2017- Green Wedding - Sophias Final Touch - Venue Styling    

2. Rustic Barn

It is of course very popular already and will continue to be because what’s not to love about it? The Rustic Barn weddings are very popular as many people like to get involved themselves collecting Jam Jars and Wood stumps to create centrepieces, it’s a great way to keep costs low and Do It Yourself. This Year we want to see more Warm fairy lights and lots more hessian. We have a lovely new piece for 2017 involving Apple Crates keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek.  

3. Vintage

Did someone say Vintage! Oh how we love Vintage in all shapes and sizes, its timeless beauty always catches the eye. From the traditional cups and saucers to old suitcases we love them all. However this year we are taking vintage to a new level and creating something more simple and delicate the new vintage colours are mint, light pink and peach with a hint of old gold, this will create the beautiful summer vintage wedding look. Trending Wedding Themes For 2017-Vintage Wedding- Sophias Final Touch - Venue Styling

4.  Neutral

The neutral look is going to surprise a lot in 2017 from your classic wood colours such as your browns and blush to your simple elegant crisp greys and silvers this will take 2017 by storm. Most brides like something not too fussy but to still make a statement this neutral look is a perfect combination.

Trending Wedding Themes For 2017 Neutral Wedding- Grey & Peach- Sophias Final Touch - Venue Styling


5. Water Colours

Well if you’re looking for something unique, with literally a splash of colour, watercolours will be perfect for you in 2017! Using beautiful oranges and pinks to blend together to create a subtle dash of colour for the perfect summer wedding. You can carry this theme through from you invitations to your cake and it will really makes your guest think wow what a beautiful theme I wish I would have thought if it first! This is defiantly one to watch! Trending Wedding Themes For 2017 Water Colours - Sophias Final Touch - Venue Styling  

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