Struggling to Pick a Theme…

Struggling to Pick a Theme…
9:36 pm November 21, 2016 Sophia Allison
So Firstly I would like to thank all those that got in touch to tell me what you wanted to see at the Wedding Fairs, I have now invested in 2 extra tables just for wedding fairs as I keep bringing more and more, and really do not know how to stop myself! (Until the moment I turn to pack away and think to myself WHY! Why did you bring so much stuff?) One of the main questions we ask our brides at first is Do you have a theme or colour scheme? Some brides have already been planning and have thought of one, but many struggle to decide on one they love and will continue to love all the way up to the wedding. So this week’s topic is on how to pick your perfect theme! Firstly shop around look on the internet, magazines, and social media at different images to see what you like and don’t like. Whilst looking if you see a colour you like try to imagine if you can see it incorporated in your wedding, such as centrepieces or bridesmaid dresses ( even though that can be very difficult at times). Think about the time of year will you still love your theme/colour? Sometimes the time of year can help you to choose a theme, for example a Christmas wedding. Secondly think about the feel of the wedding, what are you going for?... Something simple and elegant or something grand and bold, this will also help you to decide on the perfect colour or theme that bests suits you and your partner, as if it is simple and elegant you may go for more subtle colours like whites and pastels or you may choose to be big and bold with a pink or purple colour scheme. Most important than all think about you two as a couple, what represents your personality? If you had to pick a colour to represent you what would it be? Do you have similar interests or something that makes you unique, something you love, like books this may lead you to a Vintage themed wedding. A theme can be inspired by anything a city, a season a hobby, just something your passionate about. Another thing to consider with your theme is the type of deco you will be having for example tall or small centrepieces, bold props, delicate lighting detail… this will also play a part in the theme. Your venue will play a big part as its actually part of your theme, you may not have realised but by picking a particular venue you have already pick the type of feel for your wedding. Remember if you do pick a theme or colour it doesn’t have to be all or nothing! You can have splashes of colour or hints of a theme either way it’s to represent you both, so whatever fits your personality your guests will love.  

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