Top 5 Christmas Flowers
9:18 pm December 13, 2016 Sophia Allison

Top 5 Festive Flowers & Foliage

As its coming up to Christmas it’s the perfect time to feel festive and get creative with magical Christmas Themes. From traditional festive colours to the sparkly Winter Wonderland Themes, Christmas is a great time for a wedding. Recently I attended a course at the convent garden academy of flowers, to brush up on some new flower ideas and how to create spectacular floral event pieces to produce beautiful Wedding and Event Styling. I had a great time networking and meeting new people from around the world. (It’s always good to meet new contacts) So this week’s blog is going to be on the Top 5 Christmas Flowers and Foliage to give any event that warm festive feeling!

1. Spruce- Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

No Christmas would not be complete without adding a little spruce. It’s a great way to bulk out your foliage whist adding texture and movement. It can be used on its own, in wreaths or really in most centrepieces to give a festive flavour. Venue Styling- Christmas Spruce- Sophia's Final Touch

2. Hedera Helix (Fruiting tree ivy) – A touch of Sparkle

 ivy- Sophia's Final Touch  

Fruiting tree ivy makes me feel warm inside, I’m not sure why possibly the berries making my stomach think of food! However I do love it as it’s so natural and rustic, it’s so versatile that it can be used in many seasons to complement different pieces. My favourite way to use it at this time of year is as part of your foliage for a pew end or maybe a flowered arch, to give the winter wonderland sparkle, add a sprinkle of glitter to the berries to see them truly come to life.

3. Asparagus Fern - Winter Wonderland

For something sweet and delicate that just takes your breath away you have to add a touch of Asparagus fern and at this time of year you can get it in festive golds and silvers, making it ideal for a Christmas Wedding, both traditional or winter themed, it is definitely a perfect final touch for any occasion. One of my favourite ways to use Asparagus fern is in a flower arch way as that extra sparkle really brings movement and flow to the arch, also framing spectacular shots of the bride and groom.

Venue Styling - Asparagus fern - Flower Arch - Sophia's Final Touch

4. Poinsettia – A Hint of Spice and All Things Nice!

I just couldn’t miss out Poinsettia, it probably is the most popular and well known Christmas Flower, seen in many Christmas bouquets every year! These flowers are great for adding that splash of colour to tie in your Christmas red theme. If you’re going for more of the traditional Christmas wedding I’m pretty sure Poinsettia will find its way in there somewhere to make a statement. Poinsettia is great to add into small and long centrepiece to run down the table or in a top table arrangement, to add that hint of spice. Venue Styling- Christmas Poinsettia- Sophia's final touch

5. Austriaca Cones – Rustic Warm Christmas...

Of course we can’t forget that final touch with any winter wedding, Austriaca cones are perfect for adding that Christmas detail, and they come in all different colours shapes and sizes, so you can play around with them to create a beautiful centrepiece. From detail in a floral arrangement, to deco on the side, or even as a focal centrepiece when using them to fill different sized cylinder vases, their perfect! Venue Styling- Christmas Pine Cone- Sophia's final touch

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